heart of madness

Autor: Dominika Dongova | 13.1.2014 o 16:06 | Karma článku: 3,04 | Prečítané:  235x

Sometimes we are lookin for a moment, moment of endless love.




I hear - you cry

We are livin, dreamin, walkin around.. through the life.

But love is on the other side.


She used to act like wolf.

Lot of words, and lot of storms.

Rainy days - without chance,

Lot of music - but no dance.

Suddenly angel came to visit us.


He hold her hand, and give her buss.

"U have to fly, to go so far."

Heaven was blue, she lost one shoe.

Like a princess without prince.

Oh no wait.... It was Just "since"

His eyes are full of fire,

Sometimes she wants to hire..

His heart, soul, and magic boll.

No for miracle,

Its not her goal....



"when love is not madness

its not love"



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